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Ever wondered what products a Coach uses?

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Here is a list of my most recent purchases and why I use them

Food Planner

This is the newest in my addition to the wellness team. I actually have used quite a few planners but this one is by far my favorite. Gotta love the color teal, just makes me smile looking at it. It also reminds me of my favorite gym shirt. I'll share that one with you all later.

WHY I LOVE IT: It's paperback small and flexible meaning that I can shove it into any bag, and that's important because you will want to keep it close. It has a whole page dedicated to reflections, mindset is 50% of the wellness game and the food tracking side is simple. You could write a number of calories, points or even just a description. I use the small notes section at the end for anticipating any challenges that might come up. That would be the only thing that I change otherwise 5 STARS!


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