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Coach Kylie

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I’m an ACE Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor with certifications in

TRX Suspension Training (Individual and Group) and Les Mills BodyPump.

I can customize a personal plan to meet your individual needs, preferences and lifestyle.

Just like every body is different, everyone’s choice of exercise, optional time of day to workout and amount of time available varies; as does their day-to-day habits and ability to commit to a consistent schedule.

My goal is not to have you do a rigorous workout, walk away exhausted and avoiding the gym for days. I will evaluate your lifestyle and with your help, decipher what fitness activities we can incorporate into your every day life or build upon, including cardio training sessions, resistance training, or weight training. My goal is for you to have a healthy and strong body that you love and to eventually not think about calories or fitness at all. It will become second nature for you to make healthy choices and enjoy being active.

Do you love the outdoors? Hiking with your dog? Swimming in the pool? Then I can tailor a plan to incorporate these activities into your weekly routine. Maybe your cardio choice is shopping or riding your bike into town for a coffee. I can schedule these hobbies in your fitness plan, and help you make them aerobically effective.

As a native Australian, I was fortunate to grow up in a country that celebrates the outdoors and incorporates “organic fitness” into its lifestyle and culture. Using a holistic approach, I can accompany you on your fitness journey, and help you make lifestyle changes and choices that will give you measurable results, and long-lasting satisfaction. 

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I dreaded the word exercise or workout. I had not had great fitness experiences.
I consider myself active and athletic, but fit was not a word I would use to describe myself. When we started working together I realized pretty quickly why I had faltered so many times before, I didn't have a why. She took the time to ask the hard questions and she listened to me. I was a person with a story and she wanted to know it. She tailored the workouts, activities and conversations to me. She showed me ways to overcome work hurdles and things that bogged me down. She gave me a plan that incorporated the things I already enjoy and fit into my lifestyle.
I felt like I was being taken care of.  She helped me achieve my personal goals and was very encouraging throughout the process.  She helped me to devise a long term plan and set new goals along the way so that I could be constantly moving forward.
I'm a better me because of who she is.

Kristi, 35yrs, Texas

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Coach Kylie 

Available in DE, MD, PA, & NJ Area 

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